Worked in leadership roles at the Oregon and Maine Departments of Education supervising and implementing multiple program areas and projects including in career and technical education, adult education, ESEA, higher education, standards, and assessment.  In both states Wanda worked with local districts and schools to restructure programs through competency-based instruction, school improvement processes, innovative practices, and national, state, local policies. 

      At the Oregon Department of Education, Wanda led the curriculum development and implementation  of technical standards in “vocational education” and, as part of general education office, the academic content standards. She provided extensive technical assistance to local districts and community colleges in developing competency-based programs and curriculum based on industry standards and seamless articulation maps from secondary schools into the community college system. Working closely with local administrators, teachers, business and legislators, Wanda worked to create system-wide acceptance of new ideas while continuing effective practices. 

       On the leadership team at the Maine Department of Education, Wanda was responsible for guiding existing programs and new, innovative programs and practices  collaboration across state and federal programs. The CTE program changed from being isolated  to an integral part of the whole school system.  She also served on the advisory committee for one regional CTE center, providing a hands-on look at the issues of local implementation. She developed the 21st Century Partnership plan to implement the Framework for 21st Learning, trained staff on the standards, and provided technical assistance to local schools and state staff to integrate the standards into curriculum and instruction. She also led the State of Maine’s participation in the development of the Common Core State Standards for CCR and developed the state implementation plan. She also spent a significant amount of time with the Joint Education Committee of the Maine Legislature testifying and responding to inquiries and serving on legislated task forces and committees.  She was a member of the Governor’s Commission on Juvenile Fire Prevention.

      At The College Board, Wanda developed a strategic plan for CTE by designing pathways from middle school through postsecondary education. Together with AdvanceCTE, she mapped relevant Advanced Placement (AP) courses to the career clusters.

      She is currently working with industry and educators to develop high quality programs for youth and adults. In collaboration with Bray Strategies, developed three Department of Labor approved registered apprenticeship programs and implementation plans for five programs. 

Wanda graduated from the University of Maine, Orono, received a MBA from City University of Seattle, and completed all course work for an EDD in Middle Level Education from Oregon State University. She participated in the Education Policy Fellowship Program, Institute for Educational Leadership 1995-96 and remains active.


Wanda served on the following:

Ideagen Global, (Impact Leadership Council, 2014-2015)

National Academy Foundation Research Advisory Committee, 2014-2016

Delaware Technical Advisory Group – Teacher Evaluation System, 2012-2015 Department of Education National Migrant Education Work Group, 2011